Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is fast becoming the norm, rather than the exception, in UAE construction. BIM makes it easy to visualize, estimate, budget and plan a project from its conceptualization to implementation phase. It also helps different project teams to collaborate on a real-time basis, minimizing expensive reworks, significantly reducing project costs and improving efficiency.

Ultimately, BIM has the potential to be more than just a data tool by becoming an enabling platform for the integration of other technologies. These technologies help us today to bridge the gap between concept and reality.

At ASI we have a dedicated BIM team of engineers developing BIM models for all our projects.


Go green

ASI believes that all our actions have an impact on our environment and should always be improved for the better. Furthermore, as a certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) joinery manufacturer and contractor, we are responsible for reducing and recycling our waste throughout the complete process. We are therefore happy to announce that we are one step greener with our new thinner recycling machine.