Manager Director Statement

As part of the ASGC group, ASI has grown over the past decade into a noteworthy fit out contractor in the UAE marketplace. We have been fortunate to have worked on a range of projects across various sectors which have helped us to improve and expand our capabilities. We are constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand our footprint and services further.

As our industry evolves with new technologies constantly introduced, we always try to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by endorsing technology wherever it can add value. We look for new ways in delivering our projects by offering innovative solutions to our clients. In a competitive market place such as the one we operate in, we believe that to succeed we have to always innovate and think ahead.

We believe that strong relationships are the key to a successful operation. This applies right across the value chain from our suppliers, to our people, to our clients. We take pride in the fact that the majority of our work is with repeat customers as this is testament to the fact that we deliver on our promise. Similarly, our strong ties with our supply chain help us to achieve our high standards which we base our reputation on. This is based on the fact that we honor our agreements with our suppliers and treat them as partners. Finally, our biggest asset is our team. Investing in their growth, job satisfaction and well being automatically delivers the right outcome without additional effort. 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast' in the words of Peter Drucker a management guru and we operate by this motto.